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Cooking Class

Workplace Safety and Health for Food and Beverage Operations (Level 2)

Course Ref. Code: TGS-2023036410

Skill Code: FSS-WSH-2092-1.1

Course Duration: 6h

Assessment Duration: 1h

Course Outline:

The course aims to train learners to support organisational workplace safety and health (WSH) in the F&B industry by conducting checks according to work plans and instructions.

At the end of this course, Learners will be able to:

  1. Interpret safety management systems in the food services industry

  2. Interpret organisational policies and procedures relating to WSH

  3. Detect unsafe work conditions and practices

  4. Communicate risks and control measures and to assist with inspections.

  5. Interpret safety signs and hazard symbols 6. Use tools and equipment safely.

Assessment Method:

  • Written Assessment

  • Role Play

Course Fee:

  • Full Fee: $190

Funding Mechanism:

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